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Professional packaging services at your doorstep

About Northern Canning

Northern Canning is a mobile canning company providing craft breweries, cideries and distilleries an efficient solution for their packaging needs. Our team consists of like minded individuals working towards a goal of impacting the craft beverage market in a positive way. We are locally owned, independent and owner-operated.

Our mission is to provide solutions for all your can needs, working together as a team no matter what stage your brewery, cidery or distillery is in.

From graphic designing, providing options for your cans whether printed or sleeved and even consultation to help get your product in the LCBO, we will take the job off your hands and provide you with a perfect, finished product ready to hit the shelves.

We are committed to your product. We provide exceptional sanitation standards and quality assurance measures to make sure your product is as fresh and delicious in the can as it was coming from your facility. We care about your beverage!


Our Services

Mobile Canning

We provide full service canning! Whether you have your own cans or need us to provide them, Northern Canning comes to you! Our Wild Goose mobile canning line can fill up to 42 cans per minute!

Can Warehousing

Save your brewery space for what matters most, and let us house your cans.

Long term or short term storage needs, let us bring the cans to you when you are ready to fill!

Quality Assurance

Rigorous cleaning procedures, seam checking as well as carbonation and dissolved oxygen testing make us industry leaders in quality control and sanitation

Packaging Solutions

Printed, sleeved, or blank cans will be sourced for you as well as cardboard trays and PakTech can carriers. Let us do the work while you make a great product!


Why Cans?

Better for the Earth
  • 75% of all cans manufactured are still in circulation today

  • Cans contain more than 3x recycled content than glass bottles

Better for your Business
  • Cans are 15x lighter than glass bottles saving you on shipping

  • Protecting your product keeps fresher beer. Aluminum keeps UV rays and oxygen out

Better for your Customers
  • Cans go where bottles can't: camping, parks, golf courses, boats, beaches etc

  • Why wait for beer to chill? cans cool faster than bottles Stackable and shatter-proof

Better for Marketing
  • Cans are the future! 70% of adults would buy a product due to eco-friendly packaging 

  • Branding your can is a great way to let people know who and what you are all about

why cans

Northern Canning is Proud Partner of Bullfrog Power

Northern Canning is proud to reduce the carbon emissions footprint of our business by choosing 100% green fuel with Bullfrog Power for our fleet. Bullfrog Power’s green fuel is an earth-friendly, renewable alternative to liquid fossil fuel. Bullfrog sources from biodiesel producers that repurpose waste streams from food and feed manufacturing, and used cooking oils from restaurants and kitchen facilities.

Bullfrog ensures that renewable fuel is injected into the Canadian fuel system to match the amount of conventional fuel our fleet uses, displacing conventional fossil fuel litre-for-litre.

By choosing green fuel, we are reducing our emissions footprint, helping green the Canadian fuel system and leading the way to a renewably powered future. To learn more about Bullfrog Power’s green energy solutions, please visit


“We have been working with Northern Canning since we opened in August 2017. They have proven themselves to be a valuable partner in our successful launch of our canned beer. Pete and his crew have been friendly, professional and willing to go the extra mile. Most importantly, the attention to quality control gives us the confidence to promote our beer knowing that it will be stable and fresh. We look forward to working with Northern Canning as we both grow."

- Peter Kufeldt, COO/Master Brewer, Saulter Street Brewery Inc.


Contact Us

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Head Office:

6 Holland Drive Unit 3

Bolton, ON L7E 4J2


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