Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So how does this all work?

A: On the day of your fill run, Northern Canning will arrive with a fully operational canning line and install it at your facility for the day. Our technicians operate the canning line and safely & accurately can your beer for you. We also provide the cans, lids and any other packaging materials needed. Once were done, we safely unplug, thoroughly clean our machine as well as our workplace and hit the open road!

Q: What do you need from me?

A: Our canning line runs fast, so the colder the beer, the better. Other than that, we need a place to plug in, some co2, water and compressed air. We send out all the detailed information prior to the facility to ensure we are in perfect working conditions day of filling.


Q: What sort of QA measures do you take?

A: We use our ATP meter to swab our machinery and your cans to make sure everything is sanitary. We also have an Anton Paar CBox to check co2 volumes as well as DO levels pre and post fill! Not to mention we have a slight obsession with checking seams.


Q: How many cans can you do per hour? Per day?

A: Once we’re up and running, we can package up to 10hL per hour and up to 75hL per day. That’s over 15,000 cans!


Q: How many cans have you done to date?

A: Northern Canning has packaged almost 10 million cans!


Q: What beverage do you work with the most in terms of sheer volume?

A: Beer! We launched the company based on the craft beer industry’s demand for getting their product into a can. This is partly due to the positive impact on the environment. 75% of cans ever manufactured are still in circulation today and they contain three times the recycled content of glass bottles.

The craft beer industry as well as other craft beverages are mainly independently owned and operated, and this is something we want to be a part of.  At Northern Canning, we are independently owned and operated as well. Go local independent businesses!

In saying that, we have canned cider and other craft beverages as well and look forward to canning more delicious products of all kinds.


Q: What’s the company culture like at Northern Canning?

A: The partners consist of young likeminded people! We love to have fun, our goals are keeping the client happy, satisfied and for them to feel excited when they see that Northern Canning trailer pulling up! Canning has many important aspects that we take seriously but we are always trying to add an element of positive energy and a great working environment.

We want our staff to share the same passion as we do and enjoy themselves as well as the fruits of our labour (beer!)